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Out with the new and in with the Pre-Loved

We accept all donations in working order
Don't forget you can drop off your Pre-Loved items at:
  • Hop shop  in Glenwood,
  • HOLAH baby house in Waterfall or
  • We can arrange to collect larger items
ALL funds from The Hop Shop go towards supporting Likhon Ihemba projects & Holah Baby Home!
PRETTY LIL' THINGSDreamy, floaty, heavenly dresses for your special occasions, even if that special occasion is date night at home (thanks Covid!)  These dresses will take your date's breath away.
SURF'S UPThe weather is fantastic, the water is cool, and there is no better time to hit the surf.  If you don't yet know how to surf, well then there is no better time to start.  Have a look at this rad surfboard we have at Hop Shop with your name on it.
TRINKETS GALORE A beautiful little keepsake for all your special jewels.  This blue and white star-shaped treasure box would be simply stunning on your dressingroom table.
NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNERUnless they have this GORGEOUS white woven Moses basket.  Then they can put baby anywhere they want.  Isn't it a beauty, and what is even more special is imagining all the precious little bundles that have laid here previously.
121 Helen Joseph Road , Glenwood