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Bowl of Plenty our outreach project has seen us in Umlazi and Tongaat supporting creches with food, toys and learning equipment. Through BOP we have raised funds for wheel chairs for children in a children's home, mattresses for a creche in Inanda. Fresh cooked meals to the homeless in town. Condoms to the sex workers in town. Supporting with non-perishable food during the looting to those who couldn’t get to shops. 

Before the KZN floods we were helping feed 80 to 100 children twice a week in Molweni and Madameni. During the floods these areas were faced with complete devastation. So many people became homeless lost everything, even family members. We knew we had to get involved and do something to help this community that is right on our door step.

From there BOP went into full action, and the support we received to be able help others was mind blowing. HOLAH became a drop off and distribution point. Every day we spent going back and forth to these locations. Handing out blankets, mattresses, cooked meals, none perishable foods, clothing, toiletries and water. 
After the 2 weeks of complete hustle and mayhem trying to help where we can. We then had to find long term solutions. These people need sanitation, electricity and most importantly homes to live it. They were staying in the community centers and churches but this is not a long term solution. We  identified a few families that we feel we could help and get homes set up to  help to get their life back on track. 
We managed to raise funds to purchase 6 wooden huts for 25 people to live in. We are so proud we could help with a long term solution and give these families a new start. 

Now we are proud to share with you that have since  then set up "3 Gogo Kitchens" in Molweni and Mademni. We identified 3 families that were already invested in helping within in her communities. We then raised funds for 3 plate  gas cookers, pots, pans, bowls and cutlery for these Gogo's to use to be able to feed the less fortunate children living around them.

We now go down every week with fresh produce and once a month with none  perishables for the Gogo's to cook. Between these ladies they are feeding over 120 children every day in their communities. Most of these children have families but the families are unable to provide them with good healthy food everyday. We also set up a little play ground at one of the Gogo's for the kiddies to come together and play. 
Not only has our Bowl of plenty project giving hungry children meals everyday but it has brought dignity and sense of self worth to the Gogo's that are providing these meals. 

We are always looking for support for Bowl of Plenty through cooked meals, groceries for the Gogo's, play equipment and volunteers to come with us to distribute. Please get in touch with us if this is something that interests you.