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BOP was started when we found an incredibly desperate need in the rural communities around KZN. As we have grown as a charity, we have seen the need to grow in our city. The basic need of food has grown exponentially since our BOP project started, and we have followed the growth in providing weekly meals to the parts of our city that don’t receive support from the community.

Through these visits we are able to provide support to mothers and expecting moms, as well as connecting  with the right people in times of need.

We have built the most amazing relationships of trust and friendship through these visits; traits that are so rare on the streets of our communities, yet so desperately needed to each individual that we meet.

The importance of love and connecting are evident through our conversations with people we meet, and the joy a meal brings is priceless.

As part of Vikela Baby Saver, one of our other projects, and BOP we have also begun handing out condoms promoting safe sex and unwanted pregnancies. BOP continues to be an outreach project, finding different needs and helping where we can from supporting families with school fees, getting wheelchairs donated to special needs children living in an orphanage and handing out second-hand clothing to underprivileged for them to re-sell and support their own businesses.