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HOLAH Baby House is a registered place of safety, caring for up to six babies at a time.  This number often has to be increased, as there are not enough crisis homes for children. Between June 2012 and March 2020, we have cared for over 60 babies and children. We work alongside child protection organisations, the South African Police Service, and hospitals, to ensure that babies and children who have no-one to take care of them will be cared for and loved. We have dedicated ourselves to nurturing these babies until permanent, loving families are found. We look after the babies until suitable adoptive families can be found or until the babies can be reunited with their biological families, if the circumstances are right.

In addition to the six babies we care for, we are also currently caring for three children with special needs at HOLAH at HOLAH. We ensure they have all the specialised treatment and therapy they need to reach their full potential. Three of these children have severe Cerebral Palsy, so their needs are very specialised. They require wheel chairs, special chairs and walking frames, alternative communication systems and more.

We are passionate about providing a loving, homely environment for the little ones in our care, providing everything they need to grow, meet their milestones and thrive. We want to give them the best start possible by meeting their basic needs and also by providing them with the love that all young children need.

If there is no chance of family reunification, our ultimate goal for every child at HOLAH is for them to be adopted. This process can be lengthy, which means the children are with us for any amount of time; from two months to two years or longer. We are committed to providing stability for babies and children and believe they must not be moved around from one home to the next. Once in our care, a child will stay with us until we are able to work out the best outcome for that child; working with Child Welfare to find a long term solution.

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