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Charity Hop Shop was established in October 2016. The reason for the shop is to bring in much needed funds to run all the projects under Likhon iThemba. We have converted a beautiful, old Glenwood home into a unique, eclectic charity shop. We accept all donations – women and men’s clothes, kids clothes, appliances, sports equipment, household items, etc – as long as they are in working order.

It is important to us that we work hard to bring in funds and not rely completely on sponsors. Charity Hop Shop has been a very positive step in helping Likhon iThemba continue to support babies and young children, as well as allowing us to start new projects.

Not only does Charity Hop Shop bring in much needed funds for Likhon iThemba, it is also a way for our customers to purchase good quality items in bulk, that they can re-sell in town or on farms. This helps these individuals to generate an income, as well as providing goods that may not be easily accessible to people in rural areas.

We have had very encouraging feedback about the shop, showing that it provides a positive contribution to Glenwood. People love donating pre-loved items, thus helping and giving back to their community. Everyone loves finding treasures at HOP; especially for a bargain.


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