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We sat down at the House of Love and Hope with the director and head of finance Danny at Just flour mills and to discuss their reciprocally beneficial BEE points scoring arrangement, through the companies absorption of a HOLAH carers salary.The principal of this model has been stress tested Ie Just Flours BEE rating with a HOLAH employee on their payroll has been legitimatised.Just Flour has been fastidious in making sure this arrangement is within BEE legislation and that they qualify for these points. Gugu, being a female disabled black employee gives the corporate maximum points, however able bodied employees of HOLAH and HopShop are still a viable option for corporates.The contract itself is simple and stress free – essentially a fixed term contract where the work place is detailed as being at HOLAH or  HopShop address.From HOLAH and the employees side, the relief it brings for a corporate to put a fixed term contract in place for a carer and provide that job security for an overhead that is fixed whether we receive donations or not is paramount.To find out how YOUR business can get involved Contact Kim today on
c; 083 232 5501

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