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Things We Are Grateful For You Because…
From our Home to yours TammarynThank you for your support amidst the recent KZN crises. Your donations made all the difference to us and, in turn, to all of those that we have been able to support because of you! We have been overwhelmed by the love and generosity that was bestowed upon HOALH and so many other organisations around us during this disaster. Because of you all; HOLAH did not have to fear food shortages, we maintained a steady stream of nappies and formula as to not falter in any way on our children's needs, we were able to compensate for the loss of income from our Hopshop not trading and Hopshop and HOLAH staff salaries could still be paid (stress-free) regardless of no turnover, we were able to help our staff and their families with food and supplies and had the peace of mind that comes with knowing we would still be able to cover basic overheads this month.
It also afforded us the ability to give to others and find new opportunities to help our community, such as we embarked on an extensive drive to help a children's Home in the local township along with many desperate moms that rang our doorbell at all hours looking for nappies, formula and more.These are just to name a few of the things that we were able to do because of YOU! So again, from our Home to yours… THANK YOU!
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If you have a look at the images below, you will see all the fun we have had despite the unrest and all of the support we have received and in turn that we have been able to give, over the last few weeks
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