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It's Crunch Time…And if your business needs to find an NPO to support, that will help your company gain Socio-Economic Development points on the BEE scorecard or Employment Equity Points on the BEE scorecard, HOLAH Baby house (NPO Likhon iThemba)has BEE and tax deduction opportunities for you! Any donations are gratefully received and, as an NGO and NPO with 100% black South African beneficiaries with all requisite documentation, donors can claim the Socio-Economic Development points on the BEE scorecard, while also receiving the tax break through an 18a certificate. Another fantastic opportunity for your business and to support HOLAH baby house on a long term basis is through Employment Equity Points on the BEE scorecard. One of our biggest challenges each month is the salary bill, and here, you can also be of huge help! Employment Equity Points on the BEE scorecard can be achieved for the employment of people with special needs. This means investing in a monthly pay check for one (or more) of our carers or staff, some of whom are also disabled, allowing donors to receive these points AND support HOLAH and the children while they continue to work at our workplace.  What you receive through donating to us (no how matter how small or big)

  • 100% Black beneficiary
  • NPO certificate
  • BPO certificate
  • Section 18a on receipt of donation
  • A heart full of warmth knowing you have donated towards the love and care of the beautiful children at The House of Love And Hope.
 We would be eternally grateful for your consideration in these matters and we ARE so appreciative of your support!
Read A Review From One Of Our Sponsors.
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"Almost one year ago Just Flour mills partnered with HOLAH baby house through sponsoring a disabled carers salary. Our Financial contribution and involvement with The House of Love and Hope, allows us to claim the necessary BEE and EE points as per the Section 18a certificate which is provided.  As an industrialised business it is difficult to find the necessary disabled persons who would be able to work in this environment, and so this is a great alternative and initiative to support the special needs community. We receive monthly updates and are pleased to be associated with Likhon iThemba and HOLAH who care about making a difference in our community."

Just Flour 

Managing Director

Feb 2022

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