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So how can YOU help while maximising your BEE points?Here are two ways that help both of us:Any donations are gratefully received and as an NGO and NPO with 100% black South African beneficiaries and with all the requisite documentation,  donors can claim the Socio-Economic Development points on the BEE scorecard, while also receiving the tax break through an 18a certificate.Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges HOLAH faces each month is the salary bill.
Here you can also be of amazing assistance: Employment Equity Points on the BEE scorecard can be achieved for the employment of people with special needs. This means investing in a monthly salary for one (or more) of our carers allows you to receive these points AND support HOLAH and the children.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FRIENDS!!!The month of LOVE is already upon us and our kiddies couldn't be happier! They love nothing more than GLITTER, glue, colouring in and making creative cards.They have made the MOST beautiful, sweet Valentines Day cards for all their friends and we are all full of glitter, kokis and smiley faces – our hearts are FULL xxx
SUMMERTIME & THE LIVING IS… HOT, HOT, HOT!How are you all handling this heat? WOW!
This is how we do it… splashing and goofing around in our pools.
The kiddies favourite kinda day is this one! Water play not only keeps us nice and cool, but it also provides our kids with hours of rich and valuable early childhood experiences to develop their creativity and imagination, and helps build fine and gross motor skills too.  Tripple whammy!
Donate To Likhon iThembaDonate Straight Into Our Bank Account:Likhon iThemba
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Branch Code – 220426
Account Number – 62396663918