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We have some fantastic ways that you can get involved and support HOLAH over the festive season.We would love to hear from you if you feel like getting involved and giving back or if you have a fun idea of how to make this December extra special for the HOLAH kids and carers.We try our best to spoil the children and make every Christmas shared with us a memorable one, the same way you have probably already started preparing for your own families.So here is a list of ways YOU can help us do just that;For many of us, we cannot believe that we are in DECEMBER already, the countdown has begun!
If you are running out of time but want to help, the easiest and quickest way to support HOLAH is to make a cash donation.
Zapper, EFT or if you are abroad, we have PayPal.
Banking info
Likhon iThemba
Ref; Christmas {FNB swift code for
International payments
FIRNZAJJ}PayPal   email not make your Christmas gift to the HOLAH kids, not just a once-off?Did you know we now also have the option of a debit order system?Follow the link and sign up for a monthly donation to HOLAH. Choose your amount and how long you want to sign up for, simple but so helpful in ensuring these little ones have everything they need

You can also give the gift of giving!

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Instead of spending money on another soap on the rope, you can donate to HOLAH on behalf of the person you want to spoil. It's really simple.
Send us the name of the recipient, Make a donation of any amount to HOLAH (NPO Likhon iThemba)
Send the POP to and we will send you a beautiful voucher electronically made out to the person's name and the amount you donated to HOLAH on their behalf!You can also Join us on the 16th December for a boxing day bring and share at HOLAH.
Or If you can’t join us, drop off some party treats, or rent a slip & slide or jumping castle for our kids to enjoy!
Even Send a checkers voucher so we can buy groceries and treats for the celebration!Not only do we hope to spoil our HOLAH family, but we also aim to spoil the kiddies that are fed daily through our Bowl of Plenty outreach project.Through the Gogo Kitchens we have set up in Molweni we are feeding around 120 children a day. Most of these kiddies have families who are unable to provide for them, and so we support the Gogos who do, ensuring these children get at least 1 wholesome meal a day. It has also become a safe space for them to go and be cared for and play.However, there is not much for them to play with! We are looking for toys that the kids can play with when they are visiting for their daily meals;  hula hoops, soccer balls, soccer nets, basketballs, basketball hoops, slides, sand pits and sand, kiddies wendy house, jungle gym and general toys for boys & girls.If this is something that sparks your interest, please contact us!You are more than welcome to join us when we visit the Gogo’s to deliver these items! The more the merrier. Thank you!

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