The promise of a better future

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I didn’t want to share this story. I actually wanted to pretend it never happened. I wanted to erase this child’s whole past. But reality is that I can’t. His past can only make his future brighter. It can probably give hope to someone else, and it will definitely make you grateful for your life.

His older sister is 6. She was going to be sold by her mother for sex work. She was taking care of her 6-month-old brother. They were living down an alley with their mother in town.

His sister is well (besides stomach problems from eating real, rich food for the first time in her whole life)

She has started school, and she is so, so grateful for her life. Happy, and grateful for a bath and a bed which she has never had before.

He needs love, and prayers. He has scabies, with a secondary infection, he has pneumonia, and he is having sever drug withdrawals. Its sad. BUT, through it all, he is such a fighter.

There is so much more I could say about these siblings, but I wont let their past define their future.

Here’s to a happy, healthy life ahead.

Constantly reminded of our purpose and our mission through these broken souls that become whole.

The journey has never been easy, for us, or for the lives that walk through our doors, but every second is worth it, when we watch them walk out new, whole, loved little humans.

We are so grateful we get to do this work and be part of their journey!