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This morning, as I arrived at HOLAH, I walked in to 5 little faces staring back at me waiting at the gate
until I walked in. I was welcomed with hugs, loves, ‘I love yous’ and so much excitement. The other 5
faces were waiting inside for their cuddles. Over two years later, coming into HOLAH still feels as
though its my first time being welcomed by these little people. The excitement, the happiness, the
love – it never seems to change, and never ends regardless of what kids are with us, and what ‘stuff’
we are facing. The kids in HOLAH welcome every new face, big or small so beautifully, you can’t help
but feel so at home.
I couldn’t help but think about the hundreds we see on the streets, in shelters, hear of being
abandoned that don’t get this homely love. They don’t get the exciting hellos and special, ‘I love
yous.’ It crushes my heart that 10 is so many. 10 families that couldn’t look after their littles for
whatever reason, but at the end of the day, 10 is a drop in the ocean. There are hundreds,
thousands and we are only able to cater for 10 little humans.
EXCITING times ahead as we move these precious little people of ours into the next chapter of their
lives, and the life of HOLAH. I have the most beautiful vision of (many) more than 10 kids running
around our new HOLAH, of (many) adoptions going through with this new season we are embarking
on, and of the most beautiful space for our precious special needs kids (and space to take in more!) I
have a vision of a creche where these kiddies will be educated at home and where not only their
basic needs will be met, but so much more.
We need you, our kids need you, HOLAH needs you.
We hope you will join on this next journey of ours and partner with us as our vision slowly becomes
a reality – watch this space!

All my love,