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You know that feeling when you are fast asleep and then you suddenly wake up after feeling like you are free falling off a bridge? Well that’s the feeling Leanne had yesterday when the brakes failed in the old trusty transporter …. Not so trusty after all!

It is scary. Transporting sometimes a car full of kids in the car is scary enough, and now having to put those kids in the same car that just failed on us is petrifying and we just refuse to risk any lives like that.

Getting that call in the middle of the night to fetch an abandoned baby and having a car that is unreliable is just not an option.

We need help! We have had endless car troubles, and it adds to the many stresses of running a baby home.

We are looking for ideas. Ways of getting a car sponsored. A safe, reliable car, that will get our kids from A to B and reliable enough that we aren't going to break down in town at midnight while fetching a baby.

If you are able to help, if you have ideas, or contacts that could lead us to the right people, please contact us.

The safety of our kids is first priority, and we cannot risk it.

All our HOLAH Love,