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Through BOP we find communities that need assistance and we do whatever we can to support and help. We provide this assistance by collecting donations from the community. We distribute these donations of perishable and non-perishable foods, as well as new and second hand items (including games, toys and clothing) to crèches, families in need and struggling NPO’s.

Prior to supporting an individual or group, we carry out a site visit to ensure that we can support them in the long term. We then visit once a month, with a month’s supply of groceries and whatever the particular need is that month. In winter, for example, we try to provide blankets and warm clothing. We do spot visits during the month to ensure all is in order.
As well as providing food items, we also ensure that the crèches we support have access to educational supplies so they can educate and stimulate the children they have been entrusted with. We ensure that the families that BOP is supporting have all their basic needs met; such as school supplies for the children, warm clothes, toiletries, a comfy warm bed to sleep in, electricity and cooking tools.